Bowling Tips For Beginners

Bowling Tips

Bowling is a fun indoor activity that you can enjoy with a partner or even with a big group. It can be played individually or a team against another. In bowling, the player throws a bowling ball towards a target with the intention of knocking them over. These targets are called bowling pins. While this article is about bowling tips, knowing a little background about the game, the tools and equipment used as well as scoring and some rules will also help a beginner understand how the game works. Let us start with the needed equipment/materials, gear and other bowling supplies a player needs:

Gearing Up For Bowling

Even when bowling is an indoor game, you need to gear up or wear proper attire nonetheless as these also affect performance. What gears to use when bowling? Read on:

Bowling Shoes – When you are a beginner, it doesn’t matter when you wear your running shoes to the bowling center to bowl. As long as they are comfortable, they will be fine. But there are specific shoes for bowlers especially professional athletes. These bowling shoes have specialized soles that make a bowler perform better. These are called performance bowling shoes. One shoe has a sliding sole and the other is non-slip.

Clothing – The clothes you wear to a bowling game with your friends may not affect your performance as long as you are comfortable in them. But there are specialty stores that sell various bowling supplies and apparel. Bowling shirts are no exception. Bowling shirts commonly are made of light fabric and must be airy or comfortably loose. Body hugging shirts are rarely seen on bowlers. A bowler may also opt for a pair of pants or comfortable shorts.

Tools And Equipment Used In The Game

Just like any other game, you also need equipment and tools to be able to play bowling. However, there may be a lot of bowling alleys and centers in your area that all you need to do is visit one and just pay a certain fee to be able to enjoy the game.

Bowling Ball – A bowling ball is used to hit the pins when you play the game. Ball sizes can differ depending on the type of bowling you are playing. For ten-pin bowling, the ball is usually hard spheres with three holes in which the player can place his thumb, ring and middle fingers. It usually weighs not more than 16 pounds with a diameter of approximately 8 inches. Hard rubber used to be the common material for bowling balls. Until plastic came and currently, a large majority of bowling alleys use balls made from reactive resin. Commonly, 3 balls are given to a player to finish a turn.

In a 5-pin bowling game, smaller balls are used without holes. However, the size of the ball can fit in a player’s hand. With fewer pins to hit, 5-pin bowling is more challenging than its ten-pin counterpart. Get to know the essential five pin bowling tips to master this bowling game type.

Bowling Pins – They are hit with the ball for the player to score. Just like bowling balls, pins are also standardized. Ten-pin bowling makes use of 10 pins arranged in a certain way with 4.75 inches width at the widest part and 15 inches in height. The most common color for pins is white to be easily seen by the player. They are usually made of plastic.

The Lane – The lane is where the player is supposed to roll the ball up to the end until it knocks over the pins. Bowling lanes are commonly made of wood and are highly maintained to avoid altering the bowler’s performance. Its dimensions are also standardized, 41.5 inches wide and 62 feet long. Lanes have gutters on both sides.

Rules Of The Game And Tidbits Of Information On Bowling

In whatever game, you have to remember to know and respect the rules. Failure to do so may ban you permanently from playing the game professionally or disqualify you from the match. Below are some rules in bowling:

  • Don’t go beyond the foul line when throwing the ball. This will call for a foul.
  • Avoid lofting or throwing the ball more than a short distance on the lane. This will damage the lane especially made of wood as well as the ball. It could also be an illegal move in some events.
  • When the ball rolls to the sidelines of the lane which are called gutters, it is termed “gutter ball.”
  • A ten-pin bowling game consists of ten frames in a scoring sheet.
  • A strike refers to knocking all ten pins in your first ball. Two strikes is a double and 3 strikes is a triple.
  • The maximum score in any bowling game is 300 points. This will require a player to score 12 consecutive strikes.
  • Spare is the term used when a bowler knocks all ten pins in two throws.
  • How to Bowl Like a Pro
  • There are various ways and techniques to make you look like a pro in bowling. The following bowling instruction and indoor bowls tips will definitely come in handy.
  • Hold the ball correctly making sure that your 3 fingers are placed in the right holes. The middle finger must be on the upper hole.
  • Move backward and sway your arm holding the ball slightly backward before giving it a gentle throw down the lane. Bend your knees and cross your leg at the back creating a figure “X”. Don’t forget to follow the ball through with your arm and hand.
  • Know where the foul line is. Don’t go beyond it.
  • It is important that you aim. Target the inner pockets. It will most likely result in a strike with the right amount of force.